Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Long Overdue Update

Well I haven't updated on here in a bit so I will today! Dominic is doing really good. I had his IEP appointment about a month ago so he'll be able to get into any preschool when we move at a short notice because he has that. He's doing really well at school except for a few issues, alot being social, some cognitive, and speech. His misbehaving at home is about the same. He back talks alot, calls names, and just will do something repeatitively after we tell him no. He is constantly battling it out with Damien on toys and just starting fights out of the blue with Alex which normally end in someone getting hurt. He still is not falling asleep till 9:30-10 after he goes to bed at 8 and I couldn't tell you when the last nap he had was, it's been that long. We still have no answers on why he acts the way he does. I feel like I just don't know anything with him anymore. Some days I feel like he's fine, or then sometimes he's got the ADHD that he was diagnosed with, but then other days I wonder if his teacher is right about PDD's. Then days like last night when he was upset about his shirt tag in his pj's and not wearing a certain pair of shoes that he adores when I think maybe he does have sensory intergration dysfunction. He desperately needs couseling but this small town we live in doesn't provide Child Psychologists specified in these areas. He can get help but I don't think we'll all get the help we need.

So things are going pretty well. He will not do summer school this summer so I plan to get some workbooks and homeschool so we don't forget anything. We want his last year of preschool for 07-08 to be a good one! Thanks for reading!