Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Damien Speech Update

I wish I was posting to identify new sounds or words Damien is making but that's not the case. Since talking to Early Intervention about the speech therapy program the hospital has to offer, a few things came about. They want to try sticking Damien with a different SLP at the center for 1 hour a week. This will be from 9-10 AM. After that at 10 am he has speech playgroup with Linda (his first SLP) and other kids till 10:45 am. I want to be positive that having nearly 2 hours of speech therapy a week is going to help some but I know it's probably not. We all realize that with Apraxia, no matter what, it takes some serious time to get the mouth a going.

I still am interested in getting him in the hospital program just because it's also 1 on 1 and extensive therapy. The problem is towing all the kids around twice a week, keeping them busy for 45 minutes, etc. I think I'll get burnt out. I think I'm already burnt out as it is but I know eventually he will talk, whether with words, sign language, gestures. I can get some gestures out of him (finger on mouth making mmm.. sound for more) but most of the time he will bring whatever he wants or needs to me to figure out what he's wanting. For example if he wants a drink he'll bring me a cup.

Here's a video from the other day of him telling me exactly how he feels about giving up his bed to Mia so the new baby can sleep in the crib. He thinks Mia should stay in the crib. This is the gesture speech I am also talking about. He does say yes, no, mamma, lots of tongue thrust and spitting. Usually active speech where he is excited or mad there is lots of spitting and tongue thrust.