Monday, January 01, 2007

Me Too!

Dom's newest phrase to everything is "Me Too!" He says it about everything from wanting to eat or drink to wanting to leave the house, he says "me too" on everything. He hasn't said me too when I've told him I was giving his brother a bath though. lol

I was really hoping to have Dominic potty trained before little Mia arrived but it doesn't look like we'll be quite at that spot but we're almost there. Dominic never poops his pants anymore which is AWESOME! But he still pees in them. (sigh) It's weird because this was totally opposite of him about 6 months ago when he was crapping himself and never wet. I don't get it but I'd rather change him wet than poopy! When he does poop on the toilet he makes it huge deal screaming "MOMMY I POOPED! I POOPED ON THE TOILET, A BIG ONE! COME LOOK MOMMY!"

Honestly I don't think Dominic gets that we're bringing home a new baby next week. I say I have a baby in my tummy and he says "me too!" patting his belly. When Damien arrived he hated him and completely ignored his brother. He was only 2 and I don't think he understood that he came from my belly. Guess we'll see how it goes. We'll either have more aggression or maybe he'll be completely loving this time around.