Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spencer The Naughty Diesel

It was a nice day down at Sodor. All the trains were busy taking their loads to and from. Sir Topham Hat asked all the engines to be on their best behavior while he left the station with Toby. They were to listen to Gordon, the wise old engine and do as he said. Gordon was very proud of his new job from Sir Topham Hat and told him, "You can count on me, Sir!" Gordon told a few of the engines their jobs for the day but there are so many engines, there was some miscommunication. Thomas was to pick up passengers at Wellsworth Station but instead Edward, James, Percy, Rusty, Salty, Diesel and Culdee showed up! Oh no! Then there was so much commotion on the tracks, Culdee derailed and fell over on his side. Sir Topham Hat was NOT going to be happy.

Thomas was headed to the Wellsworth Station when he got word that he was to pick up barrels at the dock. Gordon followed him there. "what are you doing Thomas? You're supposed to be picking up the passengers at the station?" "I am?" he replied. "Spencer told me that I was to pick up barrels at the dock!" Gordon grumbled, "No! You are to pick up passengers! Emily is to pick up barrels." Thomas took off quickly to the station.

Just then Emily was spotted by Gordon. Gordon spouted, "where have you been? You need to pick of barrels immediately." "Sorry," Emily replied. Gordon was getting very angry.

Just then Gordon spotted Spencer. "Spencer, why did you tell Thomas to pick up barrels?" asked Gordon. "It was a joke! HAHA!" Laughed Spencer. "Well it's not funny" said Gordon. "I am incharge, Sir Topham Hat said so. You don't do that again!" Gordon said angrily.

When Thomas arrived at the station, it was chaotic. Culdee the purple engine was finally flipped back over and on his way. Everyone else was behind. Finally the passengers were picked up and put on Annie and Clarabel and they were on their way.

Finally, Sir Topham Hat returned with Toby.

"Gordon, the passengers have left and the dock work is all done. Great job." he said. "Thank You, Sir." Gordon said. Spencer, nearby came over and apologized to Sir Topham Hat and Gordon for his dirty trick. "Spencer, you are a naughty little engine." Sir Topham Hat replied. Then he sent all the trains back to the Roundhouse to go to bed.

The End.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dominic's 4!!!

Ahoy there Me Hearty's!! We had Dominic's 4th Birthday Party at CiCi's Pizza yesterday and it was alot of fun! We love CiCi's! I'm glad they were nice to us since we probably made a huge mess and dirtied a zillion plates.

Dominic with his Treasure Chest Cake
Shiver Me Timbers! Look at the booty in the treasure!
Notice the pirate flags we used to reserve the tables we were using. Arrrrgh!!!!

Dominic and another cheesy grin. He always makes the same face showing off his teeth.
Dave's aunt/uncle on the left. My Mom and stepdad Mike on the right.
Grandpa with a mouthful!
I have no idea what I was staring off at when Dave took this. Mommy helping Dom with his gifts.
This is my sister Mandi.
And a group shot before bedtime.....

Mia before leaving to the party

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well we are trying something now. Finally. It's that Focus Factor for kids. I see NO RESULTS but it's only been about 5 days. Dave seems to think it'll need to work into his system and won't just work instantly like I want it too. He's still laughing and running around like a moron all afternoon. I swear if he could do backflips he would do them over and over. He is still very impulsive. I think that's what I'd like to change the most is his impulsive behavior. I haven't seen any improvement with concentration either. I read nightly to Alex and he won't sit for it. He will for about 1 minute then he's done. Anyways- it was at Walmart for $10, we give him 3 wafers a day since he's not quite to the weight limit for a 4 year old.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Book Shopping

While venturing out for supper with the crew, we stopped by a big music/book store in town. D headed to the Xbox games, I headed to the books. Dominic decided he wanted to come with me which was ok......till we got in the book section. It's like going to the library and he was just off the wall running around the bookshelves, grabbing books looking at them and putting them wherever, and laughing at pictures of baby butts on the covers. I must have asked him 20 times to stay in the area I was but he was just running all over. (sigh) So I didn't get to shop that much. I did find a few books but didn't find the two I was looking for. I did find quite a few for ADHD and I think I may go back and pick up ADHD for Dummies. I did not however find Raising yor Spirited Child or the Out-Of Sync Child. Amazon has an amazing selection of books so I may just go back, look at books, write down the titles and order online since it's cheaper buying used.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's been awhile. So alot has happened with us around here and it has affected Dominic quite a bit. My first hospital stay from having Mia didn't really phase the kids too much. The 2nd stay though for the pancreatitis though turned him into a mess. He was crying alot, got a bit of an attitude at school, and fits got pretty bad for my parents. I was still so sore when I came home that my grandmother was coming to help. There was one day when she went to get him off the bus. I was there that morning but when he saw my Grandma was there to get him off the bus, he flipped. He came in the house and fell on his knees wailing. I asked him if he thought I was gone again and he said "yes." It was heartbreaking the first week home. The boys were like little monkeys clinging to me. Then Dominic had a major anger thing going on and started being really mean and not listening to me at all. He was so bad I was crying all the time. I even went back to his pediatrician crying and asked him about getting him on the meds. When though he called me about putting him on the meds, I couldn't buck up and do it and I said things were better. They are a bit better but he's still got fits going on at home. He's doing really good at school again.
One major thing that came out of all this was that his teacher sent home all his pull ups saying he's doing a great job and she didn't think he needed them anymore. Ever since then he's been going to school in underwear. He hasn't pooped his pants in atleast a month. It's been AWESOME. He's still having a pee accident maybe once or twice a week but he's been wearing underwear when we go out in public and has never had an accident. I think I can say, we finally have him potty trained completely now, and before he turned 4. Potty training this boy has been one crazy ride. I'm glad it's finally done!
Our next step now as Mia starts growing is to get him to a child psychologist which we are both for. We have insurance for it, we might as well do it. We also are going to try a Homeopathic herbal route with Dominic. It's especially made for children with ADHD. I still haven't purchased it but we've known about it for awhile. Things are just so crazy around here and with me forgetting, it's going to take a major fit or meltdown for me to remember "oh yeah! I need to buy that."