Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today there was a Chili Cookoff downtown. We usually go every year since they have stuff for the kids to do like the moonwalk and junk. The kids all handled walking around while we got Chili samples at the booths quite well. When we walked by the Downtown Thomas the Train store though, all hell broke lose. He was not budging and stood right next to the door. We tried everything to get him to come willingly but since it didn't work, Dave ended up carrying him over his shoulder while he kicked and screamed. He also threw a fit in the grass because we wouldn't let him go for a 2nd time in the Moonwalk. It was funny because the shirt he's wearing is the one that says "I don't act like this at home." He was pretty upset but after we let him play a game and he got a lollipop he was much better. He also got some free icecream from a merchant so that made him happy too.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dominic came home today from school all happy because I let him take his new train on the bus. It was either that or have him not go because he was throwing a major fit from me saying no. I attempted to make him take a nap since I was watching Kelsey (4) and usually have her try as well. He didn't but was quiet in his room for a good hour which was nice. He watched a Thomas DVD and played with his train.

That evening we had Alex's Cheerleading performance at the highschool. I was going to video tape so I had Dave watch the boys down on the ground (we had a stroller) while I went up in the bleachers with another mom. She knows Dom's craziness so I turned around to check on where they were and saw Dominic just running all over the place in circles around Dave and other people. I finally told him to come up the ramp to me and so he did. He then started climbing up the side wall of the ramp going up the bleachers. Lori and I had to keep telling him to get down before he fell over the edge and 6 feet down to the pavement. Finally Dave's parents arrived and his dad held him. He was ok after that.

Since Dave's parents from AZ have been here, they have been pretty negative with the whole testing and diagnosis of possible ADHD. Honestly I think D would agree with me when I say they can kiss our asses because they see the kids a total of maybe 3-4 weeks a year while everyone else at school, both sets of my parents, my sisters, our friends, etc see him on a regular day to day basis and they know he's given us (his parents) and his teachers one heck of a time. They have no clue what happens here. All I've heard is "well Dave was so much worse as a kid" Sure.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not much to report this day. Dominic's Grandma and Grandpa are in town for the next week. They took him out and bought him a new train and track and he was totally in to that for the day. If he wouldn't do what I wanted though, I'd threaten to take the train and he'd actually mind! LOL Pretty funny. He went to Brownie Girl Scouts with me tonight and wasn't too bad. He did keep getting the girls all running around and acting crazy but for the most part he'd stop running or messing with them when I said "no."

I bought this shirt last year on clearance for him to wear this Halloween season. It says "mummy knows best!"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Dr's Appointment

Today Dominic had his Dr's Appointment to see if we could figure out what's going on. I was pretty happy with it. This was the Pediatrician I had mentioned was against meds or even the diagnosis of ADHD. I told him bascially all the problems.
  • we have a hard time taking him anywhere because of how out of control he gets
  • his teachers have tried all their "techniques" and they are no longer working
  • he never naps and is up from 7-9PM and there's no down time
  • he is fixated on Thomas the train 24/7. He plays with nothing else.
  • he constantly beats up on his brother, jumps on his sister.
  • taking away Thomas for bad behavior makes him go nuts and he'll throw things, kick walls, and beat his head in the wall.
  • We constantly tell him no on things yet he does them over and over minutes later.
  • He gets very upset over stupid things.

We talked for awhile about it he said he will give meds to the kids under 5 that are really harming themselves and others so that was good to hear. BUT I think he now knows that something is not right. Dominic was ALL OVER the little room we were in. Imagine a chimp in a zoo exhibit. He played with the blood pressure cuffs, the doors, he shut the lights off on us 3 times, he playfully kicked and clapped his hands for awhile, digged through my purse, he'd lay down then get up, he'd crawl under the chairs, he'd jump in place and then crawl on his knees and this was all in a 20 minute span. I was really hoping he'd show his true colors there and our Dr agrees he is "one active fella." So now we are taking these tests called Connor ADHD tests I believe is what they are called. After Dave and I and the two teachers fill them out, he will grade them and see what Dominic qualifies as. If it's just he's got some behavior issues then we may have to see someone else because he says he does nothing with Behavior Disorders. So that is where we are.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dominic came home from school alittle tired and beat after screaming for 25 minutes on the bus. I guess we had another one of those days where he refuses to get on the bus. Usually the teachers have to force him into a seat and then buckle him up. Since he was kicking and screaming they told him he couldn't have his trains which probably made him 100 times worse. For the ride there and back he takes a Thomas Train so he is entertained and kept busy. As soon as we got in the house he said, "I cried." I said "On the Bus?" He responded, "yes" then went to play with his trains.

He wasn't much trouble all afternoon because he was alone after the babies went to bed and he just played with his trains. We went to a few peoples houses to see if anyone wanted anything from the fundraisers Alex is doing and at 1 house he was pretty out of control playing with the dog, jumping on furniture and acting like a dog. By 9 he was getting tired because he hadn't taken a nap so it was quite easy to get him to go to sleep after his bath.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Same old issues today with the trains and fighting over them. He just refuses to share at all and now that Damien is interested in them too instead of just the trucks and cars, it's getting worse. This is why I think it would be too dangerous to put the boys in the same room because since he's so mean in the front room, who knows what he'd do to him in the middle of the night. We tried getting out the race track for Damien and then Dominic wanted to play with it too but finally went back to his wood trains and trainset. Damien immediately stopped playing with the trains when we got the race track out because he loves shaking the cars and watching them go!

We tried going to the store tonight and Dominic refused to sit in the seat or back of the basket. He wanted to ride on the front which he did for awhile but then jumped off and started running everywhere. People were dodging around him with their baskets as I apologized over and over to all of them. Most of them thought his antics were cute. Some gave me the "do something about your kid" look. I hate it when he's not sitting in the basket at Dillons mainly because he has to touch everything. In the meat department he touched probably about 15 different types of plastic wrapped meats. He wants to press on the plastic and dent it is what it is. Then in the produce he started grabbing Gala Apples and I told him again we don't touch. When I started putting some in the sack he screamed at me "no touch mommy!!!! Put back!!!" He threw a fit because I was buying apples. When he saw some toys over by the chips he freaked out and said "I go get toy." We both told him no toys and he freaked so Dave thought he'd take him to go get a movie and I told him I'd hurry and check out. I started putting stuff on the conveyor when I heard the biggest girlie scream ever and looked to the video department to see Dave hauling Dominic over his shoulder. Dominic wanted to rent a Thomas movie but we have every freakin one they have there so he got them a Halloween Chipmunk DVD and he was NOT happy. I bought him a Nerds Rope hoping that would shut him up and Dave could take him to the car but he settled down eating that and wanted to wait for me to get everything rung up.

On a positive note, Dominic went to the bathroom and peed twice today without much of a fuss. Actually I didn't even say "go potty" he just went there. Once was after I changed a poopy pull up and the other was just because I said, "you probably should go potty soon." We still went through about 3 pull ups though with accidents.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today wasn't too bad with Dominic. For the most part he played with his Thomas trains all day in the front room. He got pretty upset when Damien wanted to play with them of course so there was one time that he was escorted to his room to throw a fit on his bed. After awhile I asked him if he wanted to play nice with his trains and he came back out but still refused to share.

Alex had cheerleading practice so when I went to pick her up I took Dominic with me to get him out of the house. We went inside and I sat with 3 other moms I know and chatted. Dominic sat on Kristi's lap because he likes her quite a bit. He was really good! When it was over Lori another mom I know came up and we started talking and then he started getting a bit antsy. He started running around in the gym laughing, trying to get the 3 other kids (2 of Lori's and Alex) to chase him. We ventured outside and he was laughing and just all over the place. I had to keep yelling at him because he kept running into the parking lot where people were leaving. When he started taking off to the football field we sorta decided it was time to go.

Later in the evening I needed to go to Walmart for a few things so we headed over. We got him to sit in the basket which is near impossible most of the time. We got over to the halloween stuff and Dave took him to go look for a costume since it was so busy. We didn't find one but after getting out of the basket, he didn't want back in so Dave had to fight him to get him to sit. By the time we got to the groccery aisles things started to get a bit hectic. Everything I stuck in the basket he'd scream and say to put it back. I found Halloween cookies by Pillsbury that I had a coupon for and he freaked out screaming "no cookies! no cookies!!!" Anything you'd think a kid would want and I was putting in the basket he'd go beserk and tell me to put it back screaming and kicking so since we had 2 baskets I'd have to sneek it into the other when he wasn't looking. I asked him to tell me what he wanted me to get and he'd just scream at me so we decided to get out of there. Before we left we stopped in produce looking at pumpkins. We thought that would make him happy but instead he freaked out again. He didn't want the pumpkins INSIDE the store, he wanted the ones OUTSIDE. We left without getting any. As soon as we got home he went back to playing with his trains. I didn't even bother with baths for the evening and just got the kids to bed. I put him to bed at 10 and he went down fairly quickly since he hadn't had a nap.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dominic had a pretty decent day. I received a note from his preschool saying they were going to be writing "social stories" for him this week. Basically they will be stories on how he should act in situations such as if someone takes a toy what should he do instead of hitting, etc. After getting off the bus I found the cutest little fat fuzzy catapillar in our driveway. I said to him, "Look! It's a cute Catapillar. See him?" He stood there watching him with me for a few seconds giggling at it. He had just been studying and reading about them. Suddenly he squashed it and in a mean low voice said "I KILLED it" and walked off. He squashed the thing so hard that I had guts on my toes. I made him come back and told him "Look what you did! He's dead now Dominic. That was so mean. You don't kill animals." He could care less. It really pissed me off. Dave says that he knows daddy kills bugs for a living. I think he knows bad bugs from good ones though. He saw how happy I was to see it crawling around.

At dinner we had some issues with him not sitting still. He was laying on his back on the bench and kicking his feet in the air and going under the table not wanting to eat. He wouldn't sit still but finally after we had finished Dave sat him on his lap and fed his enchilada to him and he ate about 6-7 bites of it. This is actually quite common here at the table so we're used to it.

Let's Continue Shall We??

So like everyone has read on my other blog, things with Dominic have just gotten progressively worse with his behavior. Some days I want to just tie him up and stick him in the closet and others I'm like "We had a good day today! He's not such a bad kid after all." I've suspected his behavior abit crazy and out of control for awhile and others have seen it too. Perhaps my sister's Cop man has the best nickname for him as "Turbo."

I decided though, to put this blog back in session. I stopped mainly because 2 was too hard to keep up with but now it's mainly going to be a journal of life with little D. Highs and Lows for the day. Then I'll be armed with information I can give the Dr or child psychologist we'll be contacting to see if we can figure out what's going on in his little brain causing all this. Our first Ped consultation for looking at ADHD will be September 27th.