Monday, June 18, 2007

This is another long overdue update. Things are going well as they could be with Dominic I guess. We're still not medicating or going to counseling. Our main problem right now is emotions. He is constantly breaking down crying about everything. Constant mood swings. The other day Alex had a dentist appointment and he didn't and the tears started welling up in his eyes. He fell to the floor bawling hysterically in Target last night because we told him he couldn't have something (Thomas Legos) and at home anything that Damien does that really doesn't affect Dominic will put him in tears. Other times he's just the best kid ever! I think the hardest part is explaining why he acts he way he does to new people we meet. I explained to his T-ball coach some of the things to watch out for. In gymnastics last month I saw a friend I hadn't seen forever. His son was in the same class and I explained to him why Dominic wouldn't sit still and why he was acting all goofy and weird while the other kids sat and listened to the teacher. I always feel like I need to tell people why he acts different and that makes me sad.

His aggressiveness is about the same. Dominic and Damien are always taking toys from each other and fighting. Usually he gets really mad and will sit on Damien or push him hard. He hasn't thrown anything in awhile which is great. He still disagrees with me on alot of things. He'll say "I told you NO MOMMY." when I ask him to do something or "I SAID YES!" if I tell him no he can't have a snack right this second. His hitting me has slowed down quite a bit and he'll usually just end up crying in the end about whatever we're disagreeing about.

So far this summer has been going well. We're working on workbooks and a CDRom trying to keep up with school. He is having a hard time writing I believe because he's left handed. I don't know how to teach him how to hold a pencil left handed either.

Damien has started Early Intervention Playgroup and he really enjoys it. Dominic is sad that he can't go since it's at his school. Damien unfortunately is starting to show some of the same "signs" as Dominic did early on so I worry abit that we could be going down the same road with Damien. We'll see though.