Friday, December 30, 2005

Fish Fry

I about shit my pants today when I heard Alex scream "Dominic knocked the fishlight in the bowl!!!" First thing that comes to mind is ELECTROCUTION so I fly in the front room. He takes off running to his room. Thankfully my husband unplugged the light a few days back when he cleaned to carpet. A friend of mine had this happen to her fish and her's was plugged in. All the fish were zapped and lived but they all swam upside down and I'm not lying. So now we'll have an exposed open fish tank with 9 scared to death goldfish till I can find a top for it since it is only a 5 gallon tank. I can't imagine what he'll stick in there but I know it'll be something.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Does anyone have a kid that won't stay out of the fridge? We bought a fridge lock and MOST of the time I remember to lock it. Well I forgot this morning. Dominic actually came to me bringing me this pudding container he ate for breakfast. Don't ya love how he opened it? I'm not sure but I bet he used some of my craft sissors that I found in his room. He's been coming and grabbing them out of the kitchen and taking off with food products that he likes and trying to open them.

Now there's no way he can lie and say one of the daycare kids did this....I mean the proofs all over his face.

Here's some nice Electrosol Gels that he's popped open and got on the floor. Not only is this Dishwasher soap which he should not be climbing on the counter top and getting but it's a pain in the butt to clean because it's GEL.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


All children have their favorite TV icon. Dominic's is Diego. I've never seen him ever this passionate about watching a TV show. He's the type that will watch a show for a few minutes and run off to play in his room. I recorded this video of him singing the song for Rescue Pack which is what Diego carries on him to help him save animals.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well Dominic hasn't done anything traumatic or insane lately. Sorry to disappoint readers. This is a picture of him stuck in the exersaucer. He's such a little pain that he'll scream for me to get him out then he'll sit like this again and get stuck.

A few things he did this past week were the following.

  1. pulled out all the stuffing out of a couch pillow....AGAIN
  2. broke his other blind in his room
  3. broke one of his Thomas engines
  4. had a screaming fit in Dollar General because he didn't want to leave a toy
  5. wouldn't get off the bball court when Alex was at her Cheerleading Clinic.

So nothing really new. I figured I'd have something, but I got nuthin! Maybe later this week he'll suprise me with some new drama. Just no broken bones please.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Same Shit Different Day

There really isn't nothing new to post on Dominic's little explorations. Everything I could say would just be a repeat and we don't want to do that!

Friday night during a treasure hunt at the zoo, Dominic picked up a bunch of sand and threw it in a 4 yr old little boy's eyes! I didn't even realize he had done it till Dave yelled at me to stop him! I felt so bad for the little boy who was crying because he had sand all over him. I scolded Dominic but that's about all I could do. He then proceded to throw sand in my hair and on my shirt! Guess he figured if he couldn't do it to him he'd do it to me!

Saturday we went to a Thomas the Tank store that sells nothing but Thomas train items.
Note to Self: Never take an train addicted toddler to a train store.
Bad Bad Idea. We had a hell of a time getting out of the store once he saw all the blue Thomas crap. He started screaming "choo chooo!!!!!! Mamma choo choo! Daddy choo choo!" He then started grabbing any and everything he could get his hands on and then tried to break the buckles off the stroller so he could get out and run around. This place was WAY over priced and I didn't want anything broke because then we'd have to pay for it. It takes Dom about 20 seconds sometimes to break a brand new toy. Well after having gallons of tears escape from his eyes we got the hell out of there. We bought him a Thomas cup and train whistle. Dave and I are going to go there sometime without him and see what we can find him for Christmas.

Sunday we went to Sams to get some food. Dominic was quite angry because he hates their double basket where 2 kids can sit in the front. He always beats his sister and Dave was getting onto him about being good. He then took a train we bought him at Dollar Tree and threw it at a man next to us hitting him in the shoulder just barely missing his head!!! I told the guy I was really sorry and we took Dominic's train away which made him turn into a rabid chimp with his screetching and monkey moves trying to get out of his seatbelt in the basket. Oh brother. Dave finally gave it back, shoved tons of samples in his mouth and we got out of the store safely without anyone else getting hurt.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bowling for Dominic

We decided for something fun to do today that we'd take the kids bowling but as it turned out the only one who had fun was Alexzandra. Dominic didn't get the whole concept and refused to roll the bowling ball down the lane. It was more or less Dave doing it for him. He was more interested in putting the ball back into the hole and watching it shoot back out. Dominic screamed and bawled nearly the whole hour. Funny seeing Dave stressed out from it. I told him this is nothing and if he was so upset by his behavior now then it's a good thing he never stays home with me during the day! I think next time should be alittle easier with him. He was really tired and needed a nap. We all know how that goes!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well today was about as normal with little D as it could be. Pulling pillows off the couch, running around with his choo choo. He did do something though and I didn't get a picture of it because it would have been mean and cruel. He shoved the little boy I watch and the little guy fell over the Little Tykes Motorcycle Dominic has and his mouth landed straight onto the wood handlebar busting his lip open. It was horrible. There was so much blood I thought he was going to have to go to the ER. Luckily it was just pooling in his mouth and it was only a busted lip. I won't lie when I say I beat Dominic's ASS. I hope it hurt. He's getting just too mean and I don't know what to do about it. Timeout's don't work, I really need to sign up for Nanny 911 with him. I screamed at him to come look what he did to Corbin and he walked over looked at the blood rushing out of his mouth and said, "ewww yuck!" and walked off. I told him to give him a hug and say sorry and he told me "no" that's when I beat his butt. He cried for about 20 seconds. I told him we don't push and to sit on the couch. Of course he sat there for like a minute then jumped up. It's hopeless with him. I need help because I'm really afraid if I don't get him help now with being a bully that he's going to give me a great deal of grief in grade school.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today Dominic was up to his normal antics. Fighting, playing, pulling my couch apart, and playing with his new choo choo. I thought at first I wouldn't catch him doing anything new that was bad but he never fails to find something to mess with.

Those are fireworks there. Dominic disappeared out the door today and into the garage and started pulling out fireworks he wanted to light. Unfortunately he knows where they are because Dave takes the kids out to light them every once in awhile.

Here is a latchwork kit I've been working on. He found my latchwork tool and started tearing yarn off of it.

Now we have Dave trying to wind my foil up after Dominic strung it out all over the front room floor at dinner time.

So that's about all I caught for the day. I tried taking a pic of a bite mark on Alex's back but I can't get it to come out on the camera. She has a nice purple bruise from Dominic taking a little nibble out of her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The New Choo Choo

Today Dominic received a new Thomas the Tank set from his nana and papa from Arizona. He was very happy, jumping up and down when he opened the box. I'm happy for him as well but we have a big problem with Dominic and his trains. He has an obsession with them and plays nonstop for hours on end. If you try to put it away he'll freak out and turn into a monster beating the crap out of you for taking his pride and joy. He also is very possessive when it comes to the other kids playing with them as well.

I had a hard time catching him doing something new that was bad. He took the couch pillows off 5 times, threw some toys but nothing major destroyed or adventerous. I did catch this on video. Enjoy!!

Wait I did catch something bad! This pic to the left is my laundry that he threw down my stairs onto the basement floor. When he finds a basket of clothes I've folded, he scoots the basket to the stairs and down it goes. He has done this tons of times. You'd think I'd learn to put it away real fast.

Monday, September 12, 2005

You Can't Tell Me What to Do!

Well, well. Caught Dominic this morning in Damien's closet trying to climb up to the top to get Damien's piggy bank down. I'm suprised he hasn't broken any bones from this but I catch him doing this almost daily. IF I wouldn't have caught him in the act, half of Damien's clothes hanging there in the closet would be pulled off the hangers. He's ontop of the Exersaucer box and one of my pack n plays is laying across that box.

Here we go with another daily routine of his. Those are my couch back pillows laying there on the floor. He takes all 4 off the couch and then jumps all over them. NEVER buy pillow back couches when you have children. BIG mistake I learned. I pick these things up about 10 times a day and that's no exaggeration.

Like I previously said, he likes to ingest cleaners, pour milk and juice all over the floor out of the fridge, eat Nestle Chocolate powder, and oh yes freeze up my laptop that lives in the kitchen so therefore he's gated OUT. He tries all the time to climb this gate but can't since he's not completely a monkey. He's just a monkey only when he climbs up and over the chain link fence.

I could tell you more of his mischief for the day but instead I'll leave a picture of what a good boy he can be about 20% of the time. LOL Here he is today feeding his baby brother for me.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


This is a story......a story of a little boy named Dominic. Dominic is my son, a very active 2 yr old boy who drives me insane. His daily adventures are some days mild and other days extreme. Here's a brief overview of our little guy.

  • He tends to run away at any given chance, therefore we have installed 6ft high locks on both doors leading out of the house to confine him. At 23 mths we found him down the road in the ditch full of freezing cold water playing about 400 ft from our house.
  • He is very possessive of toys. If anyone touches certain toys he will physcially harm them. He beats up his 5 yr old sister, other kids his age usually by chucking a toy at their head, pushing them to the ground, or pulling hair.
  • He can scale a 5 ft chainlink fence with no shoes on.
  • He has wrote on my walls and furniture with crayons or pens more times than I can even count. Our 60 inch TV has scratches all over the screen from crayon.
  • He killed our fish recently by placing a book of matches in the tank.
  • He kicks our dachshund Bailey and pulls his tail.
  • We have a very hard time going out to eat with him because he causes scenes. Anywhere we go, we make it a buffet place because the quicker we can eat and leave the better. He once got mad and took his balloon at Applebees and pushed it into my mashed potatoes and then shook the balloon getting gravy everywhere.
  • There's been 2-3 instances when he's found my cleaners and squirted cleaner in his mouth. I keep them all locked up but occasionally he'll climb on my kitchen counter and get a bottle.
  • He refuses to stay in his carseat when we go somewhere and unbuckles while I'm driving down the road.
  • Lotion or any other substances in tubes or bottles must be put out of his reach. He has taken whole bottles of my lotion and dumped in on my carpet plus put it in his hair for that extra soft smelly feel.

So there's what you have to look forward to. I plan to put pictures of his damage on here when I can so it may be a kid crying from being beaten, me crying from going crazy, or another piece of furniture ruined. Who knows!