Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's been awhile!

I haven't updated in forever on here. There's been alot going on with the boys. I'll start with Dominic.

A few months back we had parent-teacher conferences. His teacher wanted to tell us something but as she said she didn't know exactly how to put it. Dominic did "things" that are different than the other kids and she wanted to bring it to our attention. She went on to say that she didn't want to say he was autistic by any means but carries some autistic traits. I flat out told her not to feel standoff ish about informing us because I have been aware for 3 years. She was really worried to say anything. I told her in Early Intervention that they had classified him as PDD~NOS but we have never done the actual testing for it. He has done SID and ADHD testing which showed he has both. She said at this time she didn't think we should have him tested because another label isn't going to do him any good which I agree really! Just more crap for the school to say something about. His sensory issues have been mild lately except for nearly ripping off his skin due to certain fabric feels. Sounds are still bugging him alot too. Sometimes it gets way too loud in our house which can cause him to act up or cry. He cries alot over just about everything. It's so hard with him. You have to watch what you say.

Dominic had his tonsils taken out a few weeks ago and I was told this could fix his attention, behavior, bed wetting, and snoring. It's fixed 2 out of 4 so it did do some good for us! He's no longer snoring or wetting the bed!

Damien is doing better at speech but still way behind. He's starting to learn little one words like dog, cat, ball. He still does alot of sound effects for certain things instead of calling them by name. His tongue thrust is less but still there each and every day. His speech apraxia is getting alittle better as well. He finally potty trained at 3 1/2 year old which is a major deal!!

In all things are going well!