Friday, October 26, 2007

Auditory Bombardment

Damien took something caled a Hodson Speech Test the other day. Not sure of the results but it will be interesting to see. Next week the Speech Path will start something called auditory bombardment. I believe how this works is she will focus on one sound each week to see if we can get anything other then a vowel sound out of him. Basically drill letter sounds into his little brain if you will. We'll see.

Words at 28 months:
Yes, uh uh, dis, hi, yeah, ha ha, uh oh, mamma, dadda, boo, cheese, whoa,

Good Days, Then The Bad

Dominic has had a pretty decent week. We had Parent Teacher conferences and his teacher believes they just need to figure out all his little quirks. I agree. I think once they find what sets him off, what to keep him from, what zones him, etc. they will have better days. That was how it was at Early Intervention. He's earning behavior bucks when he's good and they are sending home a daily sheet I send with him. They circle a happy or sad face for each day and that is how he earns his buck. The bucks can be then used for something like a hot wheel car or a happy meal, etc.

Bed wetting started happening so frequently (with him sleeping straight through it) that I've recently put him back into pull ups for the time being. I'm good at finding the deals so as long as I can get them cheap I'll just buy them again. I've looked at tons of sites for absorbent cloth pull ups but they are too expensive for one use ($20-30 for 1 pair!) and some sites can't guarantee they can even be used all night so that was a dead end.

Otherwise things have been well. I was about to give up on keeping him in gymnastics but then he did great this week so now I just don't know! I know the involvement in sports and other activities really help but I hate putting others through having to work with him when they first don't understand why he acts the way he does. Most people think he's just spoiled or "hyper."

Monday, October 22, 2007

No Foods, Only Enviromentals

To see if foods have anything to do with Dominic's behavior, we had Dominic allergy tested the other day which was not fun. No food allergies but he was allergic to just about anything enviromental. I had no idea you could be allergic to Coackroaches. He'll never come into those with daddy's profession. LOL!! Again I was referred to Heartsprings so I researched their site online. Oh my! I hope they will take us in and help us!!! Not only do they deal with children on IEP's for speech and other delays they help with behavioral issues as well! Maybe we can finally get some answers figuring out what going on with Dominic. So today I am calling the insurance to find out if it will cover the appointments. I'm also going to call the ENT about getting his tonsils removed since the allergist thinks it needs to be done. We saw an ENT Dr about a year ago and I just couldn't put Dominic through it at that time because I didn't think it was necessary.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mouth Helpers

I am still at a loss about all this stimulation Damien needs for his mouth to be zapped into working mode. I just don't understand how it works. She says his mouth is just "dead" and needs to be woke up. Anyways now he has his own little oral stimulation box equiped with vibration toys, horns, whistles and teether things. He is eating crunchy crackers (to wake up his mouth)and other things like she'd like but still prefers the smooth foods like the yogurt, cottage cheese, applesauce, etc. But she is the SP and I will let her do her job. lol She gave me an oral grocery list of item I could buy and put in his box.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm About Two Seconds.....

from calling Dominic's old teacher at his old school and beg her to put him back in her class. Dominic so far this week has been hiding under tables from the teacher, yelling "no!" running from them on the playground when it's time to come in. He's supposed to go to Kindergarten next year. HOW?!?! How is this to work? He is so smart but everything else just holds him back. I don't know what else to do besides call his old teacher. I think he needs to be back in that setting. At gymnastics he didn't get a stamp because he wouldn't listen. They were having a hard time and would have to hold him on their lap to keep him in place but when it came to doing somersaults or trying cartwheels he'd do a great job! He can do things when he wants to but when others want him to do something or NOT to do something he just can't mind. His limbs are always in overdrive. He always has to move, or act up. I am getting to a desperate spot with him again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Notes for the week came back on Thursday (last day of the week for Dominic) I guess Dominic spent all day Thursday crying at school and then had an episode where he kicked and screamed at his teacher. This is not good. Parent Teacher Conferences are in 2 weeks. I'm sure there's going to be a lot they'll want to discuss.