Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ready To Fight....I Guess

Since both boys have had speech issues, I've heard for awhile that I should contact our local hospital to get them in their intensive speech therapy program. This summer Damien will have playgroup once a week for 1 hour, no real speech services though except through play. Most of the people I talk to say that their insurance has paid for the hospital program. I called Blue Cross Blue Shield and asked if we had coverage on our plan for this and she told me it's a gray area. Great. She basically told me that I needed to jump hoops for BCBS before they will agree to cover speech. They definitely do not cover articulation which I can understand that but she thinks with enough paperwork they would approve us for therapy. So I called the hospital to ask what they thought of my situation. I told the woman Damien has Speech Apraxia, tongue thrust, and a constant slobber. She is 100% positive they will have to cover therapy for him. He'd have two 30 minute sessions a week. I am so worried with no REAL services focusing on speech for 3 months he's going to fall further behind. He'll be 3 in just a month and a half and still speaks at a 9-12 month level. Mia saying Bailey now clear as day and Damien saying "dis!" to everything is just heartbreaking day after day after day.