Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We start school in just 16 days and surprisingly I am not too nervous. Dominic will have a Para sitting with him half a day to keep his attention focused on school. Damien will hopefully be learning different ways to speak other than "mamma, dadda, and dis." He seems to really like playing charades and anymore it's how we speak to each other. Heck, any way to get him to communicate what he wants/needs so we don't end up into meltdowns is great.
Being frugal as always, I told the kids the other day they had to use a backpack we already had in the basement. We have about 12 of different characters through the years. Dominic chose to reuse his Transformer bag, Alex a Jansport pink Camo that I picked up at Target last year for $3, and Damien given a choice between Spongebob, Superman, and Thomas chose Spongebob by saying....."ba-bab." I'm sure he saw my eyes get big with a happy smile. I immediately praised him telling him (like I'm supposed to) I love it when you talk and use your words! Since then, no more "ba-bab." But I'm taking it in because he has continued to say "blue" day in and day out.
Dominic has really done awesome this summer. His outbursts have been mild (for the most part), we haven't had too many sensory issues. The biggest thing lately is that his bed wetting has pretty much been solved. We discovered that by picking Dominic up and carrying him to the toilet at 10:30 pm, having him go pee, he stays dry all night. We can both handle doing this task nightly just to keep him dry and away from surgery. I hope that eventually we can wean him of this nightly ritual but for now it's saved me so much laundry.
Overall both are doing really well. I hope to see some improvements when they are throw back into their school routine. This will be Damien's first year of school and he will be going 8-12 M-F! Much different than the 1 hour once a week home visit. He is so excited though when we talk about it though and riding the bus. It'll be harder on me than him I'm sure.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


In one week Damien has said 2 new words. "bubble" and "blue" which is more like bwoo.

Here's a list of his words now. He turns 3 in just a few days!

bubble, blue, cheese, mamma, dadda, mom, uh-oh, uh-uh, yes, dis, boo, moo, yay, yeah, please, and peek-a-boo(pee-bo!)