Thursday, October 13, 2005

Does anyone have a kid that won't stay out of the fridge? We bought a fridge lock and MOST of the time I remember to lock it. Well I forgot this morning. Dominic actually came to me bringing me this pudding container he ate for breakfast. Don't ya love how he opened it? I'm not sure but I bet he used some of my craft sissors that I found in his room. He's been coming and grabbing them out of the kitchen and taking off with food products that he likes and trying to open them.

Now there's no way he can lie and say one of the daycare kids did this....I mean the proofs all over his face.

Here's some nice Electrosol Gels that he's popped open and got on the floor. Not only is this Dishwasher soap which he should not be climbing on the counter top and getting but it's a pain in the butt to clean because it's GEL.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


All children have their favorite TV icon. Dominic's is Diego. I've never seen him ever this passionate about watching a TV show. He's the type that will watch a show for a few minutes and run off to play in his room. I recorded this video of him singing the song for Rescue Pack which is what Diego carries on him to help him save animals.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well Dominic hasn't done anything traumatic or insane lately. Sorry to disappoint readers. This is a picture of him stuck in the exersaucer. He's such a little pain that he'll scream for me to get him out then he'll sit like this again and get stuck.

A few things he did this past week were the following.

  1. pulled out all the stuffing out of a couch pillow....AGAIN
  2. broke his other blind in his room
  3. broke one of his Thomas engines
  4. had a screaming fit in Dollar General because he didn't want to leave a toy
  5. wouldn't get off the bball court when Alex was at her Cheerleading Clinic.

So nothing really new. I figured I'd have something, but I got nuthin! Maybe later this week he'll suprise me with some new drama. Just no broken bones please.