Friday, October 27, 2006

Admiring Himself in the mirror

Dominic got his new pirate Jack Sparrow wig to go with his costume yesterday in the mail. He loves it and wore it all night. He makes such a cute pirate.


In other news, the Dr's office called me about him again yesterday. I knew that his Dr was making a trip to the school but I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to talk to his teacher or not. It sounds like it was kind of a luncheon to talk to a few teachers about some of their students that are his patients. Basically she called back to tell me that now he would prescribe a medication for him (Adderall) and we'd see if that made a difference. I told her we have an appointment with a therapist and we'll see how that goes before we do anything else for now. A few days ago though, all I cared was getting him on meds. Really I don't want him on meds, but I feel for everyone's safety and for his own wellbeing it'd be better but we'll see what therapy does first.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Scary woman Pumpkin Storyteller

Well we got intouch with a place intown to start Dominic on some mental evaluations. We visit with her on November 1st. After that he'll be going to her. In all he's been acting pretty good except for a few times a day we'll have some moments.

Tuesday he had a field trip to a Pumpkin Patch so I went along taking Damien and Kayla. Damien and Dominic didn't want to sit still for storytime at all so that was fun. They were both fighting me. I met Dominic's buddy Justin and his mom. Atleast I know who Justin is now! They went through the pumpkins, played in the hay bale maze, had a snack, and storytime. I think they all had a great time.

Dominic and Justin going through Pumpkins

Dominic as a pumpkin

Teachers and kids lost in the Hay Bale Maze

Monday, October 23, 2006

And The Results Are In.........

He's Borderline ADHD. More of an oppositional thing he thinks. Dear.God. You've got to be kidding me. His pediatrician is recommending no medication at this time, just therapy. Do the parents and teacher get therapy because we are going to need it for ourselves for the next few years. This was sorta expected. I mean it's a freakin TEST that he adds up numbers and does an equation to figure if he has it. You'd think the day we visited the Dr's office where he was climbing the walls right infront of him was enough for him to say the kid needs some help. Nope. No help for any of us that deal with the fits, the screaming, the runnng off, the late nights without a daily nap, the constant jumping off furniture, or the shitty and pissed on diapers at almost 4 yrs old. You know what this makes me feel like? Like 2004 when I had all those kidney stone and no one believed my pain and all the Dr's made excuses for it. I really feel helpless right now.

They are now trying to get me in touch with a Child Psychologist which is who his Early Intervention school wanted me to contact in the first place. Fuck me fuck me fuck me 1,000 times. This sucks and now I've got a headache.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I finally turned in the Connor Evaluation Tests on Tuesday so now we'll wait and see I guess what the next step is. I've been thinking about calling our insurance and asking if Child Psychologists are included with our plan. I know some insurances don't cover mental health but I believe ours does. D's company must believe is some mental help for their employees because they have this hotline for their employees to call for counseling.

I had Dominic's PT Conference yesterday. So far he's doing great except for the outbursts and fits at school. He hasn't been too physical this school year with the teachers. He is learning so that's awesome. He knows 1-10, all basic shapes and colors. He can say a million things now but just doesn't pronounce them well. He's been working on the ABC song too. Anyways it was nice and encouraging atleast to hear that he is getting something out of school, not just another place to act like a monkey and climb the walls.

Friday, October 13, 2006

No School- Time to Drive Momma Insane!!

I don't know why the school thinks they should have days off. LOL Today Dominic is out of school. We'll see how THIS goes. So basically he has a 3 Day weekend. Next week he's out on Thursday AND Friday because of PT Conferences. Fun. I'm sure it will go well though. We'll hope!

Dominic did great getting his pictures taken the other day. We probably told him a good 100 times to put his hands down though. He'd keep his hands down for about 20 seconds then put them up by his chest or his face. Damien got in a few of the pictures and was really good at smiling it was just Dominic and his dang hands all over the place which was always the problem. Afterwards I had told him we'd look at trains. I was hoping he'd pick one out for $6.88 at Walmart but instead he found a train for $9.88 plus some boxcars for 7.88! I tried everything to get him to put them back but unless we were going to be there all day or I was going to pick him up kicking and screaming I wasn't getting out of the toy department without a fight so I just said screw it. Since he got these new toys on Wednesday, he's played with them every second of the day. TV as usual is pretty much nonexistant to him because he's zoned on the trains.

A new issue that's popped up the last few weeks is spitting. Whenever he disagrees with what we say, he's sticking out his tongue and spitting then running around like an idiot. It's the most annoying thing. I wish I knew where he gets half the stuff he does. TV? School? It's like he was just born with these abilities, kinda like how kittens know how to use a litterbox when they are babies. You'd think some days I just let him sit around eating candy all day with how he acts. LOL

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All Aboard!!

I'm taking Dominic to get his pictures taken today at Walmart with that Thomas backround. Why that ugly backround?? Well I have NO good pictures of Dominic. He always turns away, fights and screams when I take him in to have them done BUT I think having the Thomas backround behind him may help. So this is what he's wearing. Old Union Pacific coveralls and his Union Pacific hat. His Grandpa (D's Dad) worked for Sante Fe and the K & O Railroad for year and years so he's been pretty happy that Dominic loves trains so much. They bought this outfit for him way back when. It's not one I put on him often as you can imagine. He wore this to school today, even the hat since his picture appointment is at noon.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dave completed his ADHD test finally today for Dominic. Now I have to find time to take them down there to be graded. I'm not even going to say anything but he only rated Dominic a 3 (very often) on 1 item. Most of everything else he put 2. I would say he's stupid and is lying but I think the best thing to say would be that he's not here enough to see what the hell I or even his teachers deal with. He deals with Dominic on the weekends and from 5-8 PM during the week. He knows how bad he is from me telling him all the time though. I don't know.

Gymnastics tonight went pretty well. He was still acting up abit but I didn't see the teachers have to chase him once. He did keep moving around on the floor from where he was supposed to be and on the trampoline he was supposed to be sitting but instead he started bouncing on his knees and would make the girl who was supposed to be jumping fall down. Afterwards he became a very bad boy. He started screaming at me "No Momma!" on everything I asked him to do so I eventually let him crawl on the floor and run around while Alex finished her class. I felt bad for not controlling him better but I was so worn down from the day I just had no energy to do anything about it. This baby is really killing my energy level right now. He refused to leave either after Alex's class was over and I had to chase him around the spring board and mats.

He did though take his bath willingly and go straight to bed (fell asleep before 9) since he didn't take a nap once again.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last night Dominic had his 2nd Gymnastics class. I'm so afraid they are going to say "hey listen, hate to say it but your kid is a shit. We're going to have to ask him to leave." They chased him everywhere. He wouldn't do exactly as told, he'd start then do it his own way. He refused to sit on his target like the other kids and kept running around screaming and laughing while the teachers chased him. They would take him aside and try talking to him but he just kept looking at the other kids and wouldn't listen to the teachers so they would take his face and face his eyes towards them and then he'd nod yes probably that he'd behave. It was hard to watch. I wanted to cry, I wanted to go in there and beat his ass. By the time we got out of there I was having side cramps from all the fighting to get him to the car. He ended up going to sleep at 9- totally crashed out. Atleast the class wears him out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We received back the Connor Rating Scale Test that we gave to Dominic's teacher to fill out. You score him from 0-3 (3 being very often on the question and 0 as none or not often) There are 28 questions. She scored 9 as Very often. I thought I'd list the Very Oftens.

Inattentive, easily distracted
Actively defies or refuses to compy with adults' requests
Acts as if driven by a motor
Cannot sit still
Argues with adults
temper outbursts, explosive, unpredictable behavior
Has difficulty laying or engaging in leisure activities quietly
Excitable, impulsive.

Then she scored 7 #2's and that means they are pretty much true, often, happen quite a bit.
These are....

Restless in a squirmy sense
fidets with hands or feet or squirms in seat
short attention spn
only pays attention to things he is really interested in
Distractibility or attention span a problem
Runs around or climbs excessively in situations where it's inappropriate
Always up and on the go

Good thing is he doesn't forget things, disturb other children, or leave his seat, waits his turn, interupts others or fails to finish what he starts. I guess only scoring a 1 or just alittle true is good for those right?? Ugh. God this sucks. Now Dave and I have our tests to fill out and we're both dreading it, that's why it hasn't been done yet.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This was a good day. LOL Perhaps because we didn't go anywhere and he played with trains all day?? We had his grandparents here almost all day so they kept him occupied while Dave and I did some cleaning on the dog pen. He did not take a nap so he went to bed at around 8:45 which was awesome! I think the funniest part of the day with him was the fact he kept calling Dave's mom "Grandma Vickie" and that's my mom. His mom likes to be called "nana." Well Dominic really likes Grandma Vickie and so that's all he kept saying was "where's Grandma Vickie?" or "Vickie?? Where are you?" LOL

We did have a few times of him jumping on Alex and pushing Damien away from his trains but nothing that we couldn't handle.