Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Note

Really worked hard on sharing issues this week. When new toys arrive in class he has trouble wanting to share. Explained how others are hurt when we don't share with them. He cried for 20 minutes of the morning on not wanting to share.

I hope they give these weekly notes to his EI Para (dealing with Special Instruction) too. I have a bad feeling they don't.


Damien was in the bathroom doing something and calling from the front room for him he answered, "what?!!!" It was plain as day and Dave and I both said at the same time, "did he just say what??!?" I think Linda his SLP is right that it's going to come sparadic rather than pushed. They worked on "P" this week and he's just not able to make that sound. Every day that goes by I wonder how much further behind his brother he is. Dominic atleast said SOME words before entering EI, Damien says just a few select ones that Mia is starting to now say.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

About a year or so ago when I started updating this blog more, I wanted to add more videos basically so people (or teachers) could see things that I feel I need help with. Today when Linda was here for Damien's ST, I told her I made a video of one of the SID occurances that happened lately. I told her I figured the videos would help since they probably won't see much of it. After I showed the video she was shaking her head in disbelief. She'd never seen the pain side of the sensory issues, just the anger that he shows alot of the time when she's here. Anyways she really wants Dee, the OT (occupational therapist) at the center to start working with him ASAP. Like we've discussed though, as long as I change things to accomodate him, he's ok its when things aren't changed that there's a problem.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Man Up!

The past week Dominic's emotions have just been out of control. He cries at everything. He's seriously out to kill Santa for not bringing him a Mr. Big Modfighter by Hotwheels. Seriously. He was telling me that it fell out of Santa's sleigh and you could just see the anger and tears starting to appear in his glazed eyes.

Last night we went to Target. Target for me is a nightmare but I knew they'd have 75% off Christmas by now. So we went and it was an absolute nightmare. Dominic wanted an roboraptor and was not leaving without one. When I shopped the day after Christmas i found this mini wind up Robopet thing that I believed was in his tastes so I bought it. Big mistake. The robo pet is now his favorite toy and he cries if he's lost it. It's name is "cocoa" but it's green. The box showed the other robo toys and now he wants them all, especially the raptor. So long story short, I bought my things and Dave took him to the car. We came home and he was still sobbing uncontrollably about not getting it. We told him we'd take a few of his duplicate toys back and he could get a roboraptor but he needed to calm down. He was having a hard time breathing he was so upset. It was awful. I can't say this was the first time he acted like this because it's not. That's why I do the whole thing where I let him put a toy in the basket and then ask the clerk to put it back at the register because I'm not buying it since if I say no he'll fall to the floor in a fit. It's just easier to break his heart in the car after he's buckled up. Wrong I know but after it getting harder to deal with in the stores now I've had to resort to that.

Last night Dave was trying to calm Dominic, treating him like a baby. I really don't think this is how his crying fits need to be handled. He can't always expect toys when we go to Target and Walmart. I asked him if he'd like a big bawl baby son when he's in grade school because that's how he's going to be the way he's treating him. I don't know if Dominic's emotions are out of whack from being spoiled or if anything else is to blame. I'm getting to the point where I hate to say "oh it might be this." I'd like to say he's just trying to get his way.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I got Dominic to wear a sweater all day yesterday without trying to tear his skin off and without a t-shirt on underneath! It's a miracle!