Monday, March 31, 2008

"My Head"

You can imagine the the look Dave and I gave to each other after Damien responded "my head" to Dave asking "what hurts?" Can't imagine? Well our eyeballs nearly popped out of our head with our mouths opened as wide as they would go with our hands going up quickly to our mouths to cover them. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We asked (or shall I say begged and pleaded) again however and he couldn't say it. I was so so crushed. I wanted to crawl in a hole and cry. I keep trying to believe Linda that he's making progress but when all you hear is mama, dadda, dis all can you believe it? Is Apraxia really reverseable? I just want this to all end. Will he speak more than a few words by the time he's 3? Odds are in this game, probably not.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cross Eyed

I am being asked by the school to get Dominic into a Pediatric Eye Dr because when he's focusing on things his one eye is crossing over to his nose. I've noticed it for a long time but have hoped it would resolve on it's own. Guess not.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Time No Update!

Ok so I really should update here. Still no real new progress with Damien. Hopefully he'll have some kind of a language explosion this summer but I doubt it. His Apraxia and tongue thrust are so severe. We are however getting him to make more sound for his needs. If he wants a drink, he puts a finger on his lips and says "mmmmmm" Most of the time he brings me cups and whines or says "ya ya ya" He is about to be lapped by Mia on speech we can already tell. She is so smart too which is sorta sad to see. She's only 14 months and comprehends so much. Daddy asked her if she pooped the other day while sitting down for dinner and she put her hand by her butt sitting in her highchair, looking at him and said "uh-oh!" Then laughed about it. Damien has learned "please" but it only works if he can bring me an object. Please is easy since it is like "cheese" which he can say too. He puts his backside of his hand near his mouth when attempting P sounds so he can feel that he is blowing the air for the P. He's working on Alex which comes out (Al-eh) Speech is so spontaeous, he can not speak on command for the most part except momma and dadda. We just continue intensive therapy and hope for more to come. I have his switch meeting from an ISFP to an IEP at the end of the month. Next year he will attend early intervention preschool. This summer he will either have 1 hour playgroup a week or 1 hour with a SLP.

Dominic is doing so well right now. He is definitely ready for Kindergarten except for his social interacting. He has completed his IEP Goals and we will be having his IEP meeting soon deciding whether a Para is necessary or not. I think as long as he has a good teacher, then they will be able to work with his quirks. I am fairly confident of that. I still have no idea how he ranked on his SID testing. I know when they ranked him on his social last year, not much had changed.

It's great to see one boy of mine finally moving up and out (hopefully) of developmental delays. Now we just need to get Damien fixed up. We know that his tongue sits forward which is why he spits and has so much tongue thrust. Lately he's been biting his tongue quite a bit on accident when he's running around. So those are my updates.