Friday, August 15, 2008

Dee Dee!!

Just a quick post. I plan on posting a new video of Damien soon on his speech progress. The past month or so he has been trying to say some new things. It's pretty incredible. I love how Dominic and Alex's eyes get real big when they realize he just said a word! Then they come screaming to me what he said which in turn makes Damien try saying it again. Sometimes we get a word, sometimes we get a spitting tongue thrust. His biggest word right now is dee-dee (baby) He says dee-dee and pats my tummy or lays his head on it. He's quick to say dee-dee in public and point to my belly showing everyone mommy is pregnant. lol

On the 18th he will be starting school leaving here at 7:30 and coming home at noon M-F. I am so hoping with this intense school routine and therapy we will have more words soon. We had a teacher meet and greet this week and come to find out there is some boy who is deaf in class so they will do a LOT of signing. I've worked with him on some signs but hopefully he will learn more and understand that we know what he means with these gestures. Gestures right now is a sound or a charade to let us know what he needs or wants.

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